Sunday, January 02, 2005

[recipe] One chicken and two pots of soup

Soup is so great for rainy days. We made two pots of soup out of one little frozen spring chicken (which was on sale for $1.50)

Sake Mushroom Chicken Soup
- Rinse the frozen chicken clean
- Stick the whole chicken into a pot of water
- Bring to boil then simmer. You can let it simmer until the chicken self-disintegrate, or, if you miss high-school dissection classes like me, you can separate the meat from bone yourself. But the idea is to take out all the bones and leave the meat in there.
- Once the bones are removed, pour in sake. Probably a cup or two to taste.
- Throw in shitake mushrooms and whatever other veggies you like. I found bamboo shoots in the pantry, but I think carrots would be nice.
- Add salt and soy sauce to taste.
- Now the trick is to not eat the chicken meat, since boiled chicken meat is simply not pleasant. Cook some noodles and pour over only the soup and veggies.

Creamed Corn Chicken Soup
- Now that you are left with a pot of boiled chicken meat. What to do? Why, make another pot of soup!
- Add the chicken meat into 1/2 pot of water
- Blend the chicken meat using a hand-blender (aka ThunderStick) until chicken is in drink-able state.
- Add 4 cans of creamed corn
- Blend the soup a little more to the preferred consistency.
- Bring to boil and serve!

Not bad for one little frozen chicken.