Monday, July 04, 2005

[report] Scrabble

After watching Word Wars, we were inspired and fascinated by Scrabble.

As soon as we read through the Official Rules, we immediately set out to enhance them. Here are the additional rules (have only been tested on two-player game so far)

1. Take 1 drink if your opponent makes a 6 letter word. Take 1 additional drink for every letter beyond 6.

2. In additional to rule 1, take 1 drink if your opponent makes a 10-point word. And take 1 additional drink for every 5 points beyond 10.

3. Challenge: If you challenge your opponent, your opponent can choose to either:

3.1 Admit the word was b.s. and take the drink penalty according to rule 1 and 2

3.2 Or, accept the challenge and look the word up in the dictionary. Obviously, the loser of the challenge drinks, and the loser shall drink twice the regular drink penalty.

Can you think of much better ways to sharpen the mind?