Tuesday, June 20, 2006

[eats] Paco's Tacos (Los Angeles, CA)

Wow. That was such a great dinner.

1. Start with a round margarita on the rocks. I rarely have margarita that goes down as easy as Pierre's-special. These are good.

2. Order any menu item, as long as it comes with flour tortilla. They make them right there in the restaurant. I did not know that hand made flour tortilla are such nice little gifts from god to humanity.

3. Order another round of margarita on the rocks.

4. Admire the salt water fish tanks. Find the cool giant hermit crab in there. Admire the Jerry McGuire reference on the wall.

5. Plan to come back again.

2007 Apr Update -- This time I tried the Cactus Salad. Loved it.

Paco's Tacos
4141 S. Centinela Ave
(Near Culver City, Centinela and Washington)