Saturday, July 22, 2006

[outing] Musical theater class guest night

When: Mon July 17th and 18th
Where: Masonic Lodge, Culver City

Hard to believe that this is the third guest night with Cathy's class!

- Pierre, Alan, Mike, Jack, and Coke. Sushi Central.
- Pierre, Eileen, Smirnoff, and Tropicana. Ford's Fillin Station ( killer beef tartar)
- Jessica's coming to both nights!
- Jason, Josh, Laura, Josh, Cynthia
- That baby in the front row
- Traci's Always a Bridesmaid
- Tracy's Adelaide's Lament
- Takayo's On My Own
- Ray's On This Night of a Thousand Stars
- Mel's eBay Dance
- Mark's "I don't need a super model. A regular model is fine"
- "My Lord and Master" (and that nutty b-flat) and "Patterns"
- "Back in Business" and "Bow"
- What did I do on the Santa Monica pier?