Sunday, July 16, 2006

[trip] World Series of Poker, Las Vegas

Departed on: Saturday, 2006 July 1st
Returned on: Monday, 2006 July 3rd
Accomodation: Bill's Comp Room at the Rio

- A poker tourney so big, it looks like a poker sweatshop
- The guy who was walking and hugging his $100,000 stacks of cash
- Tuning $30 wager into $99 at roulette
- Alan's free springroll from the World Carnival Buffet
- The oh-so-cool Bodog room

Voodoo Lounge
- Spending Saturday night at the Voodoo lounge
- Spending Sunday night at the Voodoo lounge
- Lighting storm
- Josh running off on a girl Saturday night
- Josh having a girl ripped away from him Sunday night
- Bill returning at 7am with big bottle of Belevedere, both nights
- So many bachelorette party girls, what are their names again?
- The incredible views and lovely warm breeze on the 51st floor