Tuesday, January 16, 2007

[log] Installing TWiki on Bluehost

Installed twiki on my bluehost account tonight. As always, the general installation instruction misses small but critical steps --- but I guess bumming around and debugging until things worked is what makes this fun (and then rm -r the whole thing and doing it again just to make sure I could really do it).


> [FTP TWiki-4.0.5.tar to home dir]
> cd ~
> gunzip TWiki-4.0.5.tar
> mkdir public_html/twiki
> cd public_html/twiki
> tar xvf ~/TWiki-4.0.5.tar

Setup .cfg and bin files
> cp bin/LocalLib.cfg.txt bin/LocalLib.cfg
> [Edit LocalLib.cfg change $twikiLibPath to /{full path}/twiki/lib]
> [Add .pl extension to all executable files in bin]

Set read permission on pub files
> cd pub
> chmod -R a+r *

Set configuration options
> [Bring up twiki/bin/configure.pl in browser]
> Under "General Path Settings", fix paths listed in {PubDir}, {TemplateDir}, {DataDir}, {LocalesDir}
> Under "General Path Settings", {ScriptSuffx}, enter .pl
> Under "Security Setup", uncheck {UseClientSessions} (CGI:Session Perl module not yet available)
> Under "Security Setup", {LoginManager}, select TWiki::Client::TemplateLogin
> Under "Security Setup", {AuthScripts}, add .pl to each of the files in the list

Request to install CGI:Sessions Perl module
> 1:19 am Emailed bluehost support to install CGI::Sessions Perl module. (Else template based login does not work)
> 6:33 am Bluehost support emailed with confirming that the module has been installed
> [Bring up twiki/bin/configure.pl in browser]
> Under "Security Setup", Check {UseClientSessions}

Fun diversion. Thanks to hints from http://opensource.christophercraft.com/?p=70