Sunday, January 28, 2007

[outing] Jason's birthday

When: Saturday 2007 January 27th
Where: House and Carbon
Who: Jason, Jessica, Laura, Josh, Nik, Stu, Twin, Spencer, CC, Renzo, Ray, John, Ivy, Julie, Bert, Pierre

- Costco, TJs, Albertson
- Who needs a mallet? Pound it with garlic press!
- Linguini with lemon butter sauce, topped with pounded-thin-chicken pan-fried in butter, diced bacon, sliced mushrooms, sliced artichoke heart, and capers
- Risotto with portobello and porcini mushrooms, gobs of butter, and grated parmasen
- Lamb chops with herbs
- Vietnamese and chinese spring rolls
- Oreo cheesecake
- 99 Berries and 88 Tunnel
- "It's just turbo sake!" "No, it's like sake strained through dirty underwear!"
- 10 shots for $50
- CC and Nik clothes swap