Tuesday, January 16, 2007

[outing] Special weekend by Pea

Saturday Jan 13th
- Sushi Zho
- Monk fish liver, abalone, oyster, butterfish, scallop, needle fish, jellyfish, octopus, squid, clam, amaebe, hamachi, toro, albacore, japanese mackerel, spanish mackerel, red snapper, unagi, salmon, uni, orange clam ....
- Pierre: 28. Wandy: 17. Amex: 220.
- "You don't drink?"
- Resistance: Fall of Man -- Completed: 1
- "I killed the Stalker!"

Sunday Jan 14th
- Lunch at Yong Huh
- Curse of the Golden Flowers (Awesome crazy tragedy)
- Snakes on a Plane (Boring until the snakes finally got going)
- The Lady in the Water (I loved it. Pierre loved that it was over)
- Learning about the Menendez brothers

Monday Jan 15th
- Aquarium of the Pacific -- Three thumbs up (if I had three thumbs)
- "Punch the right confirmation number!"
- "Grapefruit" the giant octopus, key-chasing seals, three-inch close up wiht shark
- Lunch 'n Bowl at Gameworks
- Mathgeek vs Jakncoke
- 3-0-0-X
- Kid in next lane: "You are not kiddin' me!"
- Bought 24g nano cube with viper and glass cover from Jim's Exotic Fish
- Dinner at Yamashiro
- Oyster shooter
- Beef tataki with micro arugula
- Chicken strips with crispy rice coating
- Dragon roll that looks like a (cute) dragon
- Raggae roll with jerk shrimp and plaintain sauce
- Darth vader roll
- Vanilla custard cake