Saturday, February 03, 2007

[log] NBA 2K7

We got NBA 2K7 from Blockbuster. I am blown away by how great it looks.

- The first thing that caught my eye is how wonderfully the fabrics move with every player.
- Then I noticed how great the muscle tone and definitions are (and how they are tuned for each player).
- Then I noticed how good the crowd and people on the sideline look. They have different poses; They don't look "wavy". There are even people walking up and down the stairs and through the crowds.
- As the game went on, I can see sweat glistening on the players when they are making free throws.

Though, they didn't quite fix the "suddenly-frictionless-floor" problem. You can still see players running but either staying in place or sliding unnaturally.

But all in all, darn gorgeous. (Screenshot from 2k7Sports)