Sunday, March 04, 2007

[buy] Wii

Where: Target, Best Buy, and Toys R Us
What: Wii System $250, Raving Rabits Game $50, Extra Wiimote $40, Extra Nunchuck $20

- Look! I can shake you around!
- Wii Boxing. And more Wii Boxing. And more Wii Boxing. Knock out!
- Raving Rabits
- Not possible to keep the damn rabits in the bathroom for 50 seconds! My record: 39s. Pierre's: 46s.
- The impossibly adorable Mii's.
- Readings news on the Wii definitely beats watching the KTLA 11 News.
- Can't wait to download Mario Kart and Super Mario Brothers.
- "I am definitely not turning on the Wii after dinner"
- Pierre playing Wii Boxing 10 min after we got home from dinner.