Thursday, March 15, 2007

[story] Alice Blue Gown

Cathy wanted "something tragic". So I made up a story to go with the song "Alice Blue Gown":

Once there was a poor village. Hardly anything grew out of the ground, and the rivers were empty. But the villagers were kind and generous. They never hesitated to offer what little they had, to anyone in need.

The Gods saw this and thought they were good. So the Gods said to them: "We can offer you a wonderful, wonderful life. But you must promise, that every year, you would give away one third of everything you've earned, to those less fortunate than you."

The villagers happily agreed. And suddenly, everything bloomed. There were fruits, grains ... and fish in the river!

The Gods sent me down to be the guardian of this agreement. The villagers welcomed me with love, and they made me a beautiful dress. "It's in the color of the sky," they said "So that we may always remember where all the gifts came from."
In my sweet little Alice blue gown
When I first wondered down into town
I was both proud and shy
As I felt every eye
But in every shop window
I'd primp, passing by
Then in manner of fashion, I'd frown
And the world seemed to smile all around
Til it wilted, I wore it
I'll always adore it
My sweet little Alice blue gown

Thirty years passed, and the village was more prosperous than ever. But the younger generation couldn't understand. Why did they have to give so much away, every single year, to total strangers?

I tried to remind them, that everything they had was a gift -- All they had to do was to share some of it.

But they wouldn't listen. And year by year, they gave less and less. Until one day they stopped giving all together, and actually wanted more from their neighbors.

The Gods saw this and they were furious. Overnight they took everything away. Fruits shriveled and the rivers dried up. The young and the elderly were sick and hungry.

The villagers were mad, and they were mad at me. They called me a witch, and threw rocks and bricks at me. I begged them, "Please, remember the promise!" But they wouldn't listen.

And as that last rock hit me, my dress was no longer the color of the sky; instead, it was the color of dirt, blood, and tears.

The village perished forever. And all that's left, is this story.
Til it wilted, I wore it
I'll always adore it
My sweet little Alice blue gown