Sunday, April 22, 2007

[log] Coghead

Spent some relaxing time on Coghead, exploring some ideas and needs for our SEO projects. It totally reminds me of the earlier days of TenFold's Universal Application. I have absolutely no doubt that Coghead makes for a beautiful demo, where one can create a database app in minutes. But creating a complex, mission-critical business app? I couldn't find at least these features:

- Adding new row to a child table from a "parent form" (TenFold calls it "AutoAdd")
- Multi column "drop down" that populates a foreign key or data in mulitple fields (TenFold calls it "SmartPicks")
- Auto Generated Incrementing ID -- They must have this? I just couldn't find it.
- Joining to fields that are multiple tables (or "collection" in Coghead speak) away
- Scheduled Jobs
- Testing Tools

Complex apps just make for complex problems.

But, I do love the idea of the web-hosted app, with built-in user authentication and access control. And using Flash means I can edit the app from anywhere. It's impressive what one can do in Flash these days.

Disclaimer: Of course, I didn't read the user manual. I only read manuals of video games ...


  1. Thanks for the feedback. Glad to hear you like what we are doing. I can give you a quick run-down on the features you listed out.

    Per the multiple column drop downs and joining two fields in multiple tables, our terms for this are "remote fields" and "calculated values". So, in a drop down, you could specify a lookup to any collection. Then, from the lookup, you can graphically calculate any other fields to use any value from that lookup. You can even do operations, conditional logic, etc. If you have a hard time finding it, let us know and we can get you going.

    Autogenerated IDs are also in fact there -- we call them sequence. You can add a sequence from the data structure, and display it anywhere on a form.

    Scheduled jobs and "AutoAdd" are features that will be coming soon.

    Per the "Testing Tools", did you see that we have full versioning, so you can have prototypes and production versions and completely different data sets? Or are you referring to something else for testing like a debugger?

    Hope this helps... I do recommend the tutorials if you have time. Also, the forums on Coghead are an awesome way to post feedback. We are constantly reviewing feedback to make the product the best we can.

  2. Hi Sarah, thanks for the quick response! Coghead is definitely lucky to have you on their team.

    Thanks for the tip on remote field, calculated values, and sequence. I'll definitely try them out.

    By "Testing Tool" I was referring to regression testing tools -- as keeping things working as intended is never easy as the complexity of the app increases.

    Kudos and congrats to you and your team.