Sunday, April 22, 2007

[log] Coghead

Spent some relaxing time on Coghead, exploring some ideas and needs for our SEO projects. It totally reminds me of the earlier days of TenFold's Universal Application. I have absolutely no doubt that Coghead makes for a beautiful demo, where one can create a database app in minutes. But creating a complex, mission-critical business app? I couldn't find at least these features:

- Adding new row to a child table from a "parent form" (TenFold calls it "AutoAdd")
- Multi column "drop down" that populates a foreign key or data in mulitple fields (TenFold calls it "SmartPicks")
- Auto Generated Incrementing ID -- They must have this? I just couldn't find it.
- Joining to fields that are multiple tables (or "collection" in Coghead speak) away
- Scheduled Jobs
- Testing Tools

Complex apps just make for complex problems.

But, I do love the idea of the web-hosted app, with built-in user authentication and access control. And using Flash means I can edit the app from anywhere. It's impressive what one can do in Flash these days.

Disclaimer: Of course, I didn't read the user manual. I only read manuals of video games ...