Saturday, April 28, 2007

[outing] St Patty's in Santa Monica

- Where: The Victorian and World Cafe
- Who: Alan, Maureen, Gray, Zee, Robert, Rita, Jessie, us
- When: Saturday, 2007 March 17

- Sweet potato fries at The Victorian
- Gray paying up his bet with three back-to-back Irish Car Bomb
- Gray, Zee, Robert, and Rita all in matchin green t-shirt. Aww.
- "This place doesn't have any TVs?!"
- "Hey the manicure place has a big TV"
- Pierre fast asleep in World Cafe
- People posing with Pierre, who was fast asleep in World Cafe
- Go Bruins!
- Maureen and I sharing the suspect hot dog
- Climbing over the fence to fetch a cab

(Thanks to Gray for reminding me to post this)