Thursday, April 19, 2007

[tool] SQL Assistant

Just a couple of days after I posted the entry about SQL Prompt, Google AdSense shows me a ad for SQL Assistant -- Another tool that code table and column name completion, but it's free.

God bless the technology that is contextual keyword targeted text ads.

SQL Assistant v1.0 uses a slightly smaller memory footprint (7mb vs 12mb), so far it is feeling faster to use all around. Though it does not appear to have the "only run when I ask" mode. So we will see. I do always appreciate great free software.

And the all important "how to turn off auto-casing":
- Right click on SQL Assitant from the System Tray, and click "Options ..."
- Go to "SQL Assistant" tab, click on the text "SQL Server" to select it
- (Here come the totally not obvious step) Click on the blank cell next to "Keywords ..."
- A whole lot of stuff now appears. Click on text "Uppercase", to the right of "Convert keywords to", to enable a dropdown menu
- Select "None"

2007 Apr 19 Update -- SQL Assistant is the winner over SQL Prompt. I've uninstalled SQL Prompt.