Saturday, April 14, 2007

[tool] SQLPrompt

Ben tipped me on this nice utility: SQLPrompt

However, upon install, it wants to practically write my sql code for me, which was annoying because it slowed me down so much. But, with these tweaks in place ...

- From the SQLPrompt menu of SQL Query Analyzer, select Options
- In "Availability" tab
 - set "Candidate List" to "Manual"
 - set "Schema Panel" to "Don't show"
- In "Candidates" tab
 - uncheck "Include variables in the candidate list"
- In "Style" tab
 - uncheck "Surround with brackets []"
 - uncheck "Insert parentheses for built-in functions and data types"
 - set "Reserved keywords" to "Leave as is"
 - set "Build-in functions" to "Leave as is"
 - set "Built-in data types" to "Leave as is"
- In "Auto Insert" tab
 - uncheck "Enable TAB to expand columns after SELECT *"
- In "Aliases" tab
 - set "Alias Assignment" to "off"

Now, it only comes up when I want to -- ctrl-space brings up the box to help me complete long table names and long column names. Love it!