Wednesday, April 18, 2007

[trip] Cabo San Lucas

Accomodation: ME by Melia Cabo
When: Sun April 15 - Wed April 18
Who: Daryl, Natalie, Raheem, Eliza, us

- Chaise lounges at the gorgeous lobby
- Working on laptop in the shaded pool side cabana
- iPod docking station
- Strawberry Daq + Pina Colada = Miami Vice
- Surviving rounds of hearts (and shots) and losing the first and only hand
- Tortilla soup ranking:
  1. Las Quesadilla (great tomato-based soup base with fresh cilatro)
  2. Stop Light (tasty melty cheese in smokey tomato-based soup)
  3. Edith's (good soup base but otherwise can't remember much)
  4. The Sand Bar (not bad but not memorable either)
- $6 Voss Water at Edith's
- Fire pit at The Sand Bar
- Getting Daryl up for dinner -- "Ahhh! Close your eyes!"
- El Squid Roe, Giggling Marlin, and great cover band at Cabo Wabo