Tuesday, May 01, 2007

[log] Time Warners

- 10:45pm Pierre discovers that we've suddenly lost access to Sundance and bunch of HD channels. Pierre calls immediately.
- 11:20pm After a lot of "please hold", customer service rep #1 finally figured that they have changed the plans on us and we now need to pay extra to access the new "tier". After agreeing to adding $10 more to our monthly fee, they promised they fixed the issue.
- 11:25pm Pierre discovers that we've lost access to Showtime. Pierre calls again.
- 12:00pm Customer service rep #2 says they restored Showtime to our account.
- 12:05pm Pierre discovers that we've now lost access to HBO channel. Pierre nearly goes postal.
- 1:00am Customer service rep #3 is a 9-year veteran. After nearly an hour, she restored all our channels, and supposedly took on the extra $10 that customer rep #1 said we had to pay.

And I still have no idea how much exactly Time Warner plans to charge us the next month, because the online account management system only shows past bills. I suppose life is more fun with surprises.