Wednesday, May 30, 2007

[outing] BBQ at 141 S Clark

Where: 141 S Clark
Who: Gray, Zee, Robert, Pierre, me, and Jose
When: Sunday 2007 May 27

- The empty complex
- Kick ass 2-pound tri-tip by Zee. Pour a can of coke in your marinade, he said
- And there was another 2-pound of tri-tip to go
- Running up and down the hallway with Jose
- Gray's next pet will so be Mr Snuggle
- Did Robert really charted out his new apartment in 3 different version of diagrams on Visio
- "If you jump from that window with a running start you can totally land in the pool"
- Is Robert still doing his laundry?
- We'll have a shot each time we move a big item