Thursday, May 31, 2007

[web] Lumosity, Gizmoz, Google Gears, MS Popfly, Maplets

Done playing:
- Gizmoz - Create widgets with animated avatar and voice from your own picture (or stock ones) - Need a good face shot of Zee or Gray and try this out for real.
- Google Maplets - Mini-apps that users can embed within Google Maps - Didn't see any killer app(let), yet.
- Stardoll - A whole community built around dressing paper dolls - Personally it was only fun for about five minutes but I guess I'm not the typical 5 to 15 year old girls that make up the 7.7 million members.
- Grand Central - Phone forwarding for life and unified messaging - Signed up. Tested. My cell rang, which was cool. Except that, I already have my cell number for life.
- Yak4Ever - Free international calls - Can't figure out how they plan to make money? The number that I got assigned to is a not in CA, so even if the international call is free I'd have to pay long distance from my land line. My international phone card at 4 cents a minute to Taiwan is cheaper.
- Platial - Markup your copy of Google Map however you like - It's always fun to look at the maps. But marking it up wasn't all that satisfying. Maybe the UI was too slow.
- ThisNext - Shopcast trying to turn social shopping - You can build a wish list, but no friend's list? Really, you cannot be "social" anything without a friends list.

To go back and play more later:
- Lumosity - Brain Fitness Game - Fun. The "bird watching" game demonstrates that I don't know jack about birds. The "raindrop math" game is fun like House of the Dead Typing Game.
- Google Gears - Browser extension that enables offline web applications
- Microsoft Popfly - Website and mashup builder using Silverlight
- Google Mashup Editor - Because everyone cool has a mashup editor - Signed up for beta
- Widgetbox - Another widget platform, but specifically targeting bloggers as widget consumer
- Fix8 - Create animated video from your movement and expression using webcam