Thursday, June 28, 2007

[util] FireFox 2 Config Tweaks

I finally upgraded to Fire Fox 2. Having my life depended on a laptop that's 2.5 years old means I am much more suspicious of fangled memory and resource intensive software. Thanks to Lifehacker for these critical tweaks:

1. In address bar, type in "about:config"

2. Then change these settings to the new values:
  • browser.tabs.tabMinWidth = 0 (Remove the new fixed size tabs that scroll. Yes. I want to see all my tabs, even if they are tiny and unreadable)

  • browser.tabs.closeButtons = 2 (Remove the close button on each tab. I use control-F4 to close tabs. Why waste screen real estate with a close button on each tab?)

  • network.prefetch-next = false (Stop browser from prefetching pages based on its guesses. No thanks.)

  • browser.cache.memory.capacity = 10000 (Limit browser memory usage. Have not confirmed that this really works for me. Let's hope it does.)

  • = false (Turn off toolbar tips. Who needs those anyways?)

  • browser.urlbar.hideGoButton = true (Hide the "Go" button on the address bar. My laptop screen only supports 1024 x 768. Every tiny square inch counts)