Thursday, October 18, 2007

[trip] Prague - Day 4

Wednesday Oct 17
- Run run run to platform 6!
- Pokahantas speak with Czech lady on train: "Prague. Big. Beautiful. Many people"
- Kutna Hora Silver Mine
- The "charming little" cafe ... with random sewing machines scattered around
- They just had to make us wear the coat and miners hat when we walk outside
- Going completely dark in the mine
- The dude with the best job in the mine was the one who manned the toilet?
- What's up with the angels and the skulls?
- Amazingly nice old man who had climbed 600m out of a mine
- Bone Church
- Thank god the train stopped at Prague
- Mmmm ham flavored potato chips!
- 1: Le Casa Argentine
- 2: Karlova