Tuesday, January 01, 2008

[outing] New Years Eve 2007

Where: Avalon Hotel
Who: Marc, Nikki, Brent, Marissa, Daryl, Nat, Raheem, Eliza, Jess, Ray, Mike, Zee, Carol

- "Would you prefer the cocktail cabana or the dining cabana?"
- First course: "Baked German butter potato, crème fraiche, domestic caviar" (A single Ruffle chip with some stuff on it)
- Second course: "Butternut Squash soup, butter poached lobster, shaved black truffles" (Now this is some good soup)
- Third course: "Organic greens, frisee, Belgian endive, shaved parmesan, citrus vinaigrette" (The other choice was Beet Carpaccio, which some had misread for Beef Carpaccio)
- Fourth course: "Petite Filet Mignon, crushed fingerling potatoes, sauce bordelaise Slow~Braised Short Rib, truffled brussels sprouts" (Filet Mignon is fabulous ... but where was the short rib?)
- Fifth course: " Chocolate champagne cake, hazelnut dacquaise, raspberries" (An absolute winning choice over the Strawberry gateau)
- Zee: "I am immune to alcohol"
- Matt pulling a Pierre
- Brent's new year resolutions
- Mike: "I am from a country in Asia". Zee: "Ireland?"
- Getting kicked out by Hotel Management
- Damn heels