Friday, January 04, 2008

[recipe] Assorted Vegetable with Quail Eggs

Made this up tonight. Not the healthiest, sure, but it's low carb and tasty.

- Four links of chinese sausage. Quarter and then quarter length-wise again into little sticks.
- Dice up a green pepper into the same shape as the sausage
- Clean a big handful of beansprout

- Start with pan roasting some garlic. Garlic is always good.
- Pan roast the chinese sausage. No oil needed since the sausage has tons.
- Then throw in a can of "assorted vegetables with quail eggs", and don't question what's in there
- Then throw in the green peppers. Season with Sriracha hot sauce to taste. Stir Fry.
- When done. Turn off heat and then mix in the bean sprout.