Monday, January 21, 2008

[recipe] Pumpkin Puree Plus

There are some really wonderful ingredients, like avocado and cheese, that if I never left Asia, I probably never would have learned to appreciate. And this year something new -- Pumpkin Puree.

I bought it originally to make pumpkin bread, which turned out killer good, but left me with quite a bit of pumpkin puree. Since then I have experimented and discovered that pumpkin puree, like tofu:
- sautees and modifies very well with savory sauces
- serves as a nice "base", giving substance to a dish
- keeps in the fridge for a long time

Some combinations I have tried, in each case I added some vegetables like mushrooms or peas.
- Pumpkin puree plus texas BBQ sauce
- Pumpkin puree plus Tikka Masala sauce
- Pumpkin puree plus hoisin sauce

And accoridng to the manufacturer, it is a ridiculously rich source of beta carotene.