Friday, February 08, 2008

[trip] Rome Day 0

- Wed/Thur 2008 Feb 06/07
- Writing production band aid sql script at 4am before leaving
- Who thought of the "An agent will call your name to tag your bag" queue system at AA?
- Chicago snow storm = Flight status cancelled
- Rebooked through London = 8+ hours added to trip time
- Travel power adaptor on plane = Productive trip
- Back in Heathrow and lesson learned from last trip
- Too tired to think clearly and getting ripped off right out of rome airport
- Our apartment is so *huge*! But why is there toilet seat in one of the bathrooms? And enough candle the craft things on the shelve to start a 99-cent store
- The trick bathroom mirror that doubles as bathroom window
- How the heck does this washer work?
- The neighbor ringing our doorbell to ask us to take down stuff from the dryer line
- Dinner at L'Orso' 80
- Wow those two people must have not eaten for days. Look at the table full of antipasti.
- Hey look! Now we have the same table-full of antipasti! - Prosciutto, Salami, Roasted red pepper, marinated mushrooms, brocolli with capers, beans, mozzarella balls, celery with pecorino, olives, meatballs, tiramisu, cream cake, bottle of red wine
- Sis' story aboujavascript:void(0)
Publish Postt almost getting things stolen in Milan
- Late night walk through Campo de Fiori and Trastevere
- Book and CD on chinese and japanese patterns!