Saturday, March 08, 2008

[outing] Pierre's Birthday at Alibi Room

When: Friday 2008 Mar 7
Where: Alibi Room
Who: Alan, Maureen, Mike, Shelbey, Corinne, Deb, Bill, Dean, Derek, Josh, Robert, Monica, Zee, Michelle, Adam, Jill, Scott, Steph, Leslie, Daryl, Nat, Johnny, Grace, Tonia, Chris, Scott, Marie, Fernando, Ray, Adam, John, Jamie, Christine, George, Ray, Pierre, me

- Nick the bartender: "You look familiar .. I know you right?"
- Corinne and her mini-liquor-bottle lei
- Mike: "Give me another drink or I'll fall asleep"
- Butter burger and double fried fries.
- Scott getting the whole bar to sing happy birthday
- Cupcakes from Hotcakes
- Let's get Josh to get one of the girls with bracelet to set us up with free drinks
- Pierre and Marie both so very sawy-y
- Disaster in the middle of the night and lots of laundry runs the morning after
- Peace and quiet for me and Jose!