Monday, May 26, 2008

[outing] Memorial Day

Sunday 2008 May 26 @ Casa de Lang

- Me to Pierre: "I bet you there is a California City"
- Pierre to Steve: "I lost the bet and you have to get in the boat with me" (or was it under the bus?)
- Killer asian-styled pulled pork by Maureen
- Loving that Maureen took the recipe and crossed out half the instruction. I am not the only one!
- Shrimp, scallops, sesame noodles, gyoza, chicken wings
- Sangria, Veev, Tunnel 88, Patron, Bicardi, Grey Goose, JD
- What can you do with fun-sized kit kats, plastic cups, coffee straws, plastic utensils, and permanent markers? You can decorate pierre
- Mike's secret Yoga skills
- Who knocked over the telescope?