Sunday, July 27, 2008

[outing] Dean's Wedding

Where: Universal Sheraton
Who: Dean, Jessica, Graham, Brandi, Josh, April, Cash
When: Saturday 2008 July 26

- Returning to the scene of the crime .. beer pong anyone?
- We are not late!
- The world's slowest elevators
- Who's asian and took pictures of the menu?
- The dog was part of the wedding procession!
- Gorgeous, gorgeous view from the roottop garden of universal sheraton
- Where's the scallop and bacon dude?
- Conga line to the bar ...
- Any vodka in ths vodka?
- Whoa. There is a Betta fish in the center piece
- Even the guy on crutches get up to dance to Footloose
- Guess where was vodka in the vodka afterall