Saturday, July 19, 2008

[outing] Zee's Birthday at Rush Street

Where: Rush Street
Who: Zee, Gray, Robert, Monica, Marie, Vicky, Jack, Tonia, Chris
When: Friday 2008 07 18

- What a beautiful space.
- Stripper pole. Brilliant idea.
- Dude: "How much is a beer?". Bartender: "Six dollars". Dude: "Come on I have a five dollar bill. Can I get half a beer?". Bartender: "No"
- Marie wasn't so hot on chewable kiwi-cucumber martini. Looked nice though.
- Tonia accidentaly cleared a tray full of glasses
- Zee accidentally cleared the dance floor
- Get this body into the car before the cop comes over here
- Go into the bathroom and get away from my router!
- How did Z get that gash on his head? Hmm.