Sunday, August 03, 2008

[outing] Scott's Rockband Birthday Party

Where: Scott and Steph's
Who: Scott, Steph, Karl, James, Daryl, Leslie, Liz
When: Saturday 2008 Aug 02

- Catching the 1am IMAX The Dark Knight the night before (home at 4am)
- Awesome A/V setup with black drapes - Main stage and side stage
- Mmmm brownies smell so good
- Steph's awesome avatar matching outfit with long black tube socks and bling belt
- Kung pao chicken? Kung pao shrimp?
- I need to buy myself a bag of Portion cups (and that awesome should strap)
- Ranch drip made simply from sour cream and ranch packet! technology!
- Pierre's sucker bet -- 3 against 1? What?
- Some one got a good picture of pierre's face with James's behind
- All parties degenerate to hearts ...
- Thump
- Step away from the drawer