Sunday, February 08, 2009

[outing] Creperie by Jack n Jill's + Father's Office

Where: Creperie by Jack n Jill's
Who: Corinne, Andrew, Deb, Bill, us

- Nutella and Banana please. With lots of Banana
- ABT Omelette with Cheese Grit: egg whites, Applewood smoked bacon, tomato and avocado with jack and cheddar cheese
- Big box of chocolate covered macademia nuts from Corinne
- Spam singles and pillipino dessert from Andrew

Where: Father's Office, Culver City
Who: Charles, Me

- "You invented the GoPhone plan?"
- Burger (and no, they don't have ketchup)
- Shoestring fries
- Sweet potatoe fries
- Tasty Beer
- Fabulous setting!