Sunday, April 26, 2009

[outing] Hipcooks Dim Sum

2009.04 - ScallionPancakeBalsamicShitake
- Holy trinity: garlic, ginger, peppers
- "Wow, you can blend chicken?"
- Steamed shrimp wontons
- Steamed lettuce wrapped chicken
- Scallion crepe with balsamic shitake
- Rice paper wrapped seared beef with snow peas, spinach, and hoisin
- Spicy cashews with thai long green beans
- Cha-Siu pork puff pastry (and meat balls)
- Seared scallop with green beans on yakisoba
- Fried dates and walnut wontons with powdered sugar
- Instructor: Allison

1 comment:

  1. Your blog looks more and more deliceous. And the pictures look like they were professionally made. I like how the food is in focus and everything else is out of focus - when you see Wandy's dishes, everything else disappears.