Sunday, June 21, 2009

[trip] New York City

Who: Jessica, Dave, Janet, Patrick, Steve, Mike, Nick, Johnny, Ivan, Us

- "Hun, can you please call the front desk tell them [fill in blank]"
- Sushi Twist: What's his name? Ivan [i-ven]! Another order of white tuna sashimi kudasai!
- Bar Fly: Fisher getting those 3's and tanking Dave's chances. Mind Eraser. Patron. Jack.
- 24 oz of Bud Light Lime after an entire day of conference calls
- Socarrat: Paella. Chorizo. Mini sunny-side up quail eggs.
- Billy's: Cream cheese frosting
- Slainte: NY Mets losing the game when outfielder goofed catching A Rod's high fly ball
- De Santos: Making our own VIP lounge in the basement
- Pegu Club: Cheapest tequila shot is $14, and I don't recognize any bottles on the shelf
- "If you do 25 chin ups I'll buy you pizzas"
- Joe's Pizza: "can't charge you for this slice. it's too small"
- "You are getting up at what time to go surfing?"
- Shake Shack: Er, where's our chocolate shake? Oh just take this one.
- Big Apple BBQ Festival: The Pit, Salt Lick, Free Snapple
- Fun with Old Navy mannequins
- Pierre enjoying Pay Less
- Karaoke One 7: $5 for large bottles of sake? O.M.G. Partying with Nick (The TSA Bomb Specialist) and his peeps.
- Shake Shack, again. Apparently we bought burgers.
- Champaign and chocolates
- Star Lounge Chelsea
- Enjoying watching traffic jam on 7th and 34th at 1am.
- "Where's my shirt? my phone? my wallet? my camera?"
- "I am try to telling you that the lock is messed up and I can't get out of our room"
- Caracas Arepa Bar: Faves: Fried green plantains topped with Mojito Mayo and lemon and white cheese. Pulled pork arepa with spicy mango and tomato sauce.
- Porchetta: Yes, our trip ended up with yet a final pork dish