Wednesday, December 28, 2005

[report] Guitar Hero Game codes

I am so hopelessly stuck at that Ozzy song on Guitar Hero. I gave in to look for a way to make the song stay on so I can at least attempt to practice it.

Rock meter will always stay green
yellow, blue, orange, orange, blue, blue, yellow, orange

And this is definitely something I want to check out.

Crowd has Monkey Heads
blue, orange, yellow, yellow, yellow, blue, orange

And, dear Santa, please make them make a sequel disc with Sweet Child of Mine and Hotel California.

[sql] IP to Country

Notes on my recent pet project to lookup country name from IP via SQL:

1) Download the IP to Country mapping data from here:

2) Load the data into a table, let's call it IP_to_Country

3) Add two columns to the data tabe, IPNumber and Country

4) Update those two columns to get country name

update DataTable
set IPNumber = (16777216.0 * parsename(client_ip,4)+
65536 * parsename(client_ip,3)+
256 * parsename(client_ip,2)+

update DataTable
set CountryName = (select I.CountryName from IP_to_Country I
where I.IPRangeStart <= IPNumber and I.IPRangeEnd >= IPNumber)

Sunday, December 18, 2005


I just got the leather coffee table ($409.95) that I ordered from, and I am absolutely in love with it.

God bless the internet. How else would I be connected to some great craftmen in Peru?

Sunday, December 11, 2005

[eats] Mr Cecil's California Ribs (West Los Angeles, CA)

I found a little piece of heaven last week. It's called Mr Cecil's California Ribs.
- Serves the softest and best tasting ribs I have had in a very long time
(The ribs are so good I don't even use BBQ sauce)
- Is on my way home from work
- Fill take-out orders and fill them fast
- Super cool and low-key outfit with reasonable prices
- Dishes out absolutely amazing hush puppies

Ah .... I win.

Mr Cecil's California Ribs
12244 W. Pico Blvd.

(corner of Pico and Centinela)

West Los Angeles, CA 90064


[tech] Convert Word to PDF online and for free

Just so I don't have to search for this again -- PDF Online provides a fast and free way to convert less than 2MB Word docs to PDF.

PrimoPDF looks like a promising full-featured Word to PDF solution that I should try next time.