Saturday, October 27, 2007

[trip] Prague - Day 6

Friday, October 19
- Pilsner Heaven
- Er Josh why did you pick the small cup?
- Alan, Josh, and I running back for re-fill, while Pierre and Maureen tried to distract the tour guide
- Deiter the "Detour"
- "Please make a U-turn as soon as possible"
- Beer Bath! Finally!
- Maureen discovering the hot water, bubble, and beer switch
- The mandatory beer with the beer bath
- They must be so relieved when we were finally out of there
- Incredible dinner with beer for five for just $62
- Ro Sham Bo for Absinth

[trip] Prague - Day 5

Thursday, October 18

- Suddenly, it's freaking Eastern Europe cold!
- Pierre looking good in my scarf
- The Golden Tiger, finally
- Sausage at The Golden Tiger, Sausage at the place in Mala Strana, Sausage, Sausage

Thursday, October 18, 2007

[trip] Prague - Day 4

Wednesday Oct 17
- Run run run to platform 6!
- Pokahantas speak with Czech lady on train: "Prague. Big. Beautiful. Many people"
- Kutna Hora Silver Mine
- The "charming little" cafe ... with random sewing machines scattered around
- They just had to make us wear the coat and miners hat when we walk outside
- Going completely dark in the mine
- The dude with the best job in the mine was the one who manned the toilet?
- What's up with the angels and the skulls?
- Amazingly nice old man who had climbed 600m out of a mine
- Bone Church
- Thank god the train stopped at Prague
- Mmmm ham flavored potato chips!
- 1: Le Casa Argentine
- 2: Karlova

[trip] Prague - Day 3

Tuesday Oct 16th
- Heavenly croissant pizza
- Josefov
- Havelske Market
- Can't take picture of "Party Power"? or Bread?
- Powder Tower
- 1: Lary Fary
- Giant skewer
- 2: e Lounge
- 3: Coyote (yes, again)
- Is it a beer holster? Is it an eye mask? Is it a ....?
- 4: "The Biggest Music Club in Central Europe"
- The girl and the guy in the corner
- Blades of Glory couple
- Charles bridge at 3am
- Nothing beats early morning Wenceslas Square sausage

[trip] Prague - Day 2

Monday 2007 October 22
- Charles Bridge and Prague Castle
- "That gargoyle looks like it's got something up its ..."
- Scary sculpture depicting scary scenes with scary dudes behind bars
- 287 Steps up (and down) The Great South Tower!
- 1: U Vejvodu
- Pork Knuckle and the Bohemian "heart-attack" Pan
- What? There's a charge for the pretzel?
- 2: U Fleku
- The wait staff really loves Josh
- "Can we order some bacon dumplings?", "No that's garnish"
- 3: U Medvidku
- "Hey Fred!"
- Primator
- 4: Coyote
- "Do your people eat pets?"

[trip] Prague - Day 1

Sunday Oct 14
- London Heathrow deadly security line at Terminal 3 and then Terminal 1
- London Heathrow killer British Airway lounge
- "Hey Hun, do you have a few singles?" ... "It's self-serve!"
- "Mr Sae-Tan"
- "I think our driver just punched the parking gate"
- 1: Praha Grand Cafe: "All these people wait around the clock to see that?"
- 2: Two Cats:
- "I'll give you 10 crowns for chugging that beer"
- Who knew flipping coasters can be so much fun?
- "Mozart was here"
- Attacking Josh in the hotel lobby and crowding his room
- 3: Rock Cafe: The first mug
- 4: Double Trouble: "Who's going home with the Thai girls?"
- Deadly Becherova

[trip] Prague - Day 0

- Catching Jose's Poop
- First four vodka tonic at the LAX Admiral's Club