Saturday, March 22, 2008

[code] Horizontal and vertical center for a div in CSS

#centerDiv {
position: absolute;
left: 50%;
width: /* width of your div, say 800px */;
margin-left: /* half width of your div and make it negative, so would be -400px */

top: 50%;
height: /* height of your div, say 600px */;
margin-top: /* half heigt of your div and make it negative, so would be -300px */

Reference from here

[find] Happy Easter

Courtesy of Mike.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

[trip] Zane Crawl Day 2

Saturday 2008 Marh 15

- "Absinth is not my friend"
- Gauchos Village
- - Mmm cheese balls. Capeirina. Xingu beer. Zane's very cute 6-month old baby.
- Tam O'Shanter Inn
- - Scotch. Scotch. More Scothc.
- - Punked by Ben!
- Red Lion Tavern
- - Beer chugging contest + lines of Jager shots
- - 5.5 seconds
- - The giant beer boot and pleepleus
- - "Are we not entertaining enough for you?"
- Taxi French Restaurant
- - Cognac. Cheese. Bread. Grapes
- - Game of 4-2-1
- Manna Korean BBQ
- - Beef, Soju, and Hite beer mayhem.
- - Shuh-nan-da. Jee-mee-nan-da. The Game of Death!
- - The big banner saying about "keep noise down". Right.
- Saddle Ranch at Universal City Walk
- - We left! Ha! Fearless leader is Zane.
- Lobby Bar at Universal Sheraton
- - The poor bartender who thought he was gonna have another quiet night.
- - John wins the beer pong tourney and shows us his glass eye!
- - "You guys have only run up $400 tab? Come on!"

Friday, March 14, 2008

[trip] Zane Crawl Day 1

Friday 2008 March 14

- "This better not be a weekend retreat at Universal Studios"
- "Don't worry honey, it's a weekend long real estate seminar"
- "Is that ZOO crawl...? ... Oh my god it's ZANE crawl!"
- "I am about to run a 48 hour drinking marathon and I haven't prepared at all"

- Cha Cha Chicken
- - Three sheets trivia
- - Killer rum punch by Zane. Red Stripes
- Ye Old King's Head
- - Darts. Chris took the the final win with a bulls eyes!
- - Boddington dude. Snake bites.
- Warsawa
- - Would you like the 140 proof or the 75 proof Absinth? The drinking game is = ceremonially burn your absinth over sugar cubes and shoot it.
- - Pilsner Urquell is good chaser
- Marisol
- - Mexicali. Mariachi band.
- - Margarita. Corona.
- Yamashiro's
- - "The BAC game" "You are not drunk"
- - I am really bad at charade.
- - Too many different kinds fo sake and Kirin Ichiban.
- - Blown tire? For real?

Saturday, March 08, 2008

[outing] Pierre's Birthday at Alibi Room

When: Friday 2008 Mar 7
Where: Alibi Room
Who: Alan, Maureen, Mike, Shelbey, Corinne, Deb, Bill, Dean, Derek, Josh, Robert, Monica, Zee, Michelle, Adam, Jill, Scott, Steph, Leslie, Daryl, Nat, Johnny, Grace, Tonia, Chris, Scott, Marie, Fernando, Ray, Adam, John, Jamie, Christine, George, Ray, Pierre, me

- Nick the bartender: "You look familiar .. I know you right?"
- Corinne and her mini-liquor-bottle lei
- Mike: "Give me another drink or I'll fall asleep"
- Butter burger and double fried fries.
- Scott getting the whole bar to sing happy birthday
- Cupcakes from Hotcakes
- Let's get Josh to get one of the girls with bracelet to set us up with free drinks
- Pierre and Marie both so very sawy-y
- Disaster in the middle of the night and lots of laundry runs the morning after
- Peace and quiet for me and Jose!