Monday, March 30, 2009

[outing] A Sunday Dinner

Who: Shelbey, Pierre, me

What started out as a light sensible home-cooked meal ended up not so light after two courses of desserts ...

- Pork Sung wrapped in phyllo dough (4 layers)
- Baked salmon fillet dressed with lemon (12 min @ 375F)
- Veggies dressed with balsamic vinegar (30 min @ 375F)
- Strawberries and honey wrapped in puff pastry, dusted with powered sugar
- Betty Crocker chocolate oatmeal cookies (chewy batch and crunchy batch)
- Bottle of wine

Sunday, March 29, 2009

[outing] Jamie and John's Wedding

- Bel Air Presbyterian Church
- West at Hotel Angeleno

- Can I shazam this song ...?
- Jamie: "I'm ready to eat and party!"
- Hmm your plate seems to be missing potatoes?
- 48 figs and chestnuts. John and Jamie will be real busy.
- I'll just have more cake later to make up for the carb
- OMG, no one at the table behind us has gotten their food yet
- Did you say there's $200 worth of tab already paid for that we have to spend, in the next 15 min?
- 3 shots of Johnny Walker Blue @ $35 each for Ray and Pierre
- Johnny's Pastrami at 2am
- "Don't let me order a chili dog with the pastrami sandwich next time!"

Monday, March 09, 2009

[outing] Pierre and Tuki Birthday Weekend

- Ocean Avenue Seafood
- - Wine. Oysters. Crab cake. Fish tacos. Tri-tips. Damn good bread.
- iPhone!
- Goat cheese tart with strawberry Coulis
- Shopping with Jose in the shopping cart
- 1:15am showing of Watchmen on IMAX
- Tuki's Birthday Party
- - Cake for the dogs
- - Cake for the humans, with dog photos
- Orange County Mining Co
- - More damn good bread - 3 cheeses whipped with beer and butter?

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

[outing] Racing School

When: Sunday March 1st
Where: Auto Club Speedway

- speed racer the night before, complete coincidence
- surprisy surprisy!
- you are about to wear this car
- follow the gates
- what? wave left and lift? what?
- number 20! number 20! number 20!
- "my kids are making some hard choices ... motorcycle racing or F1 ..."
- side-by-side ride-a-long with-a-pro going-at-150mph+ is-just-amazing
- omg everything is so cheap at winco foods. and the bananas, giant.
- speed racer the night after, since i fell asleep the first time