Monday, April 19, 2010

[outing] Temecula - Day 2

2010.04.17 - Temecula
Who: Day 1 Group + Ray, Linda

- Sitting in the back of the trunk
- Captain Dan
- The infamous glass floor at Monte de Oro
- "Really? I had the halibut and scallops last night?"
- "Really? We talked about going to Dublin in May?"
- 3 bottles of Champagne on the balloon
- Posing with the balloon burner
- "I thought maybe she was pregnant?"
- "I didn't throw up!"
- 85C bakery's mochi egg custard tarts
- Sleeping for 12 hours
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[outing] Temecula - Day 1

2010.04.16 - Temecula
Where: Churon Winery, Temecula CA
Who: Alan, Maureen, James, Becca, Us

- Denied a Double Down at KFC
- Free fries at Jack in the Box
- Churon's 2005 Golden Nectar
- Becca: "These tin roof things decapitated an old lady in the last typhoon"
- Fighting with the 4 ladies for taxi
- Waiting forever at South Coast for taxi back
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Saturday, April 03, 2010

[outing] First Friday in Venice

2010.04.02 - First Friday Venice
Who: Jessica, Steve, Melissa, Alan, Maureen, Us

- The Otheroom
- India Jones (and the dog who wanted pierre's dinner)
- World Cafe
- Gallery Bar (and the round of patron)
- Hal's Bar and Grill
- Liquor Store (Twice)
- Nom Nom
- Buttermilk
- Grilled Cheese (and the double cheese sandwiche that we were eating for days after)
- Jess's Place
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