Friday, May 12, 2006

[homage] Faith in Panama

    [ Sung to the tune of Faith by George Michael ;-) ]

      Wouldn't it be nice
      If listings could be normalized
      And ads were served in order by revenue?
      But we gotta think twice
      Before we give the farm away
      Let's keep it up in Sunnyvale not in Mountain View!
      Oh but we need some time to code it just right
      Haste is waste, don't rush it out the door!
      And we are workin' on it with devotion
      Well it takes some dedication
      But we'll show'em how it's done!
      'Cause we gotta have faith...

    [ To Advertisers ]

      Baby... I know you've got some pain today
      But please, please, please, don't go away
      tomorrow is a brand new day
      Maybe…you'll love everything you see
      new EPS, SRDB
      And even a replacement for DTC
      It used to simply connect two oceans
      But Panama is now our NBT*
      They'll have to reconsider the foolish notion
      that Google's gonna kick our butt
      Just wait for Panama!
      Yes we gotta have faith…

    *Next Big Thing