Friday, October 27, 2006

[trip] Barcelona (Day 8)

Sunday October 22nd
- "Finish the Sangria now! (in bathrobes)" (0.50 euro for that 0.75 liter)

[trip] Barcelona (Day 7)

Saturday October 21st

- Sagrada Familia (just because we felt like walking?)
- Walking to Camp Nou (we really felt like walking)
- "Did you just take a photo of the police station?"
- Sangria that took 20 minutes, made from whole list of mystery ingredients
- Camp Nou!
- The paella noodle dish

[trip] Barcelona (Day 6)

Friday October 20th
- Montserrat!
- Random choir outside
- Choir boys
- Death on the second floor, which took my camera
- Baguet sandwiches with Jamon
- Furnicular to the top of the mountain
- "Come closer to the window!"
- "I love being on the spine of the mountain!"
- Dinner at Cal Pep -- Beef with potata. Dessert served in five shot glasses.

[trip] Barcelona (Day 5)

Thursday Octbober 19th
- Potata and zuchini tortilla at Pinotxo
- Cathedral, with its 13 geese
- Finally got to shop at Kukuxumusu
- Taking sneak pics at Palau de la Musica
- Parc Cidetal
- Aquarium
- Marinated bull at Amaya
- More coke and wine

[trip] Barcelona (Day 4)

Wednesday October 18th
- Bye bye eileen carmel james
- Potata and veggie tortilla at Pinotxo
- "That guy just ordered beer with his breakfast!"
- Jamon Serrano
- Foodball
- Xurros
- Super skinny Fries
- Juice box wine and coke, every two hours

[trip] Barcelona (Day 3)

Tuesday Octbober 17th
- Oh
- so
- hung
- over
- The grueling uphill hike to Park Guell
- La Boqueria - 1.6 euros for a lovely 100g of Jamon!
- "You really can go up Christopher Columbus' ass!"
- Dinner at Cal Pep
- Hot chocolate at Glacier

[trip] Barcelona (Day 2)

Monday October 16th
- Sagrada Familia
- Squeezing by people on the staircase
- The stained glass window shining on the pillars
- Amazing onion soup
- Sangria with Cava
- Coke and wine
- Bar tenders at 1898 gave us round of authentic shots
- Bar tenders gave us another round of those shots, because they thought we were fighting over the one extra left-over shot
- Bar Rosa and the fresh fruit cocktail
- Tapas at midnight
- Racing to chug wine at midnight
- Irish bar 1
- Irish bar 2
- Irish car comb that I don't remember drinking

[trip] Barcelona (Day 1)

Sunday October 15th
- 2.5 immigration stations serving line of 300 people
- Someone hit the emergency stop button on the baggage conveyer belt
- The fantastic rain shower at our room at hotel royal
- The bottle dancers in Barcelonetta
- The ridiculously large paella
- Dinner at Taxidermists. The awesomely strong jack-and-coke and the awesome ergo-back seats
- The ticket booth man, who gets out of the ticket booth, and locks his booth, while we are all in line, waiting.
- "There is no way you can go up Christopher Columbus' ass"
- Gorgeous basement pool at hotel 1898
- Hotel bar of 1898

Thursday, October 05, 2006

[recipe] Microwaving Bacon

Rachel Ray just produced beautifully crisp bacon from the microwave oven (or does everything look crispy on TV?)

1. Put two sheets of paper towel on a plate
2. Lay down the bacon
3. Repeat step 1 and 2 as the daily cholestrol quota requires
4. Top with two more sheets of paper towel
5. Microwave for 2-3 minutes per layer

How good is THAT?