Wednesday, September 27, 2006

[buy] Panasonic DMC-DX07 Digital Camera

Purchased from: Costco
Cost: $319

The Nikon S6, though with a beautiful 3" LCD screen, drove me nuts with its slow start up time, slow flash, bigger size, heavier weight, and just annoyingly difficult with indoor pictures.

So onto the next evaluation. I think this is the one! (Pierre: "Uh huh")

- 28mm equivalent wide(r) angle lense
- Small, light, fast
- The LCD is noticeably sharper and brighter, compared to Pierre's Optio A8
- That on-off switch is oh so satisfying

God bless Costco.

Update 2007 Jan: Still in love with this camera. Even though it mysteriously died after it slipped off my lap in Barcelona. But, that's probably because we were in a church watching a bunch of boy choir, and I was falling asleep.

When I first got it I scoffed at the "simple mode" (Who needs simple? I can tweak all the crazy settings) But overtime I have found the simple mode to be surprisingly good. A lot of times I take pictures in simple mode with flash forced off -- and the results are usually much better than if I used the other modes.

And it's done a great job for low-light conditions (great compared against the bunch of other cameras I evaluated). In the end, I know a big SLR will always get better pics, but I wouldn't want to lug the pricey SLR around once I have had a few cocktails ...