Tuesday, September 30, 2008

[trip] Mike and Shelbey's Wedding

When: 2008.09.25 - 2008.09.28
Where: Seattle
Accomodation: The Pan Pacific Hotel

- You won't give us the car at our price because we are 20 min early? Fine. We'll wait.
- Whoa! The speedometer just shot past 200 miles and went full circle! OK. I guess this car is dead (or possessed)
- Would we like that red H3 instead? Sure! Not ironic at all driving a giant humvee in a green city like Seattle
- Your fitness center is open 24 hours and has a 10-person hot tub. Seriously?
- At Maxmillian at Pike's Market -- Yes, we'll wait here until it's happy hour. Then we will order all 10 items off your happy hour food menu plus a bucket of beer. Thank you very much.
- The Space Needle - And the foggy / damp view from the Space Needle
- Savor Seattle Tour's Pike Market food tour -- donuts, salmon, cherry chocolate, fresh cheese, clam chowder, coconut cream pie ... follow the pink umbrella!
- Oh, and, a lot more clam chowder the day after.
- "How do you solve a problem like Mike Davis?"
- Um. I don't think these beer nuts are meant to substitute a meal ... but okay, I'll go ask for another cup full.
- Let's check out Game Works!
- Finding a great meshed, padded, seat-belt friendly harness for Jose
- Finally! We found Uwajimaya!
- We got time before the wedding starts! Let's see if we can find a cocktail! (and no, they were all closed)
- Beautiful wedding at the most intimate chapel at an catholic school
- Yes, I went back for multiple servings of that damn good beef and salad with candied walnut
- Great wedding music that went through the decades
- Hanging out with the bride and groom in the hot tub after the reception, at 1am
- Hanging out with the bride and groom's family at the hotel bar, at 2am