Wednesday, January 26, 2005

[muse] Intuitive user interface

In my acting class last week we did an exercise, which I thought was a accidently a great study in user interface (yes, my nerd hat is always on).

Here is the setup: Five "performers" line up next to each other. A "conductor" stands facing them. When the conductor points to a performer, the performer say his name. However, the conductor can gesture and hint how the performer should say his name.

For example, if the conductor raises his arm, and the performers pitch will go up. If the conductor does a very brief pointing motion, then the performers says his name very quickly.

As I watched them, I see how much the "conductors" are enjoying themselves. Of course, making your friends do goofy things like saying their names in funny voices is always cool, but there is an aspect of play and ease of use, that I wish I have when I use the computer or search the web.

Only if I am still working at the Media Lab! This would be a really cool user interface study.