Sunday, June 25, 2006

[trip] Ixtapa, Mexico

Departed: Thursday, 2006 May 25
Returned: Monday, 2006 May 29
Accomodation: Tesoro Ixtapa Resort

- Drinking tequila shots with AA
- Learning that our all-inclusive package includes refreshing adult beverages
- What were we thinking when we decided to walk to Las Brisas?
- Hot in-room jacuzzi with AC blasting
- Wilson the Coconut
- 2am tacos with AA
- Lengua, beef, and pork tacos from the pool
- Balloons at Senior Frog
- Tortilla soup with chicharrones at Las Brisas

Christine and George's day-before-wedding reception:
- Falling into the pool, looking like I was going to break my head
- Everyone jumping into the pool and having a grand old time
- Pierre singing with the band, and then having a tequila shot with the band
- Christine's absolutely fabulous presidential suite

Christine and George's wedding:
- "Win private massages"
- Toasting with Cazadore
- Ribs. Steak. Shrimp. Lobster. Repeat.
- Fireworks spectacular
- Christine and George!