Saturday, February 03, 2007

[recipe] Lamb chops

Just made this tonight. Jessica made this first at the house, and I just tried it with the last rack of lamb.

- One rack of Frenched Lamb Chops from Costco (~$11)
- In a small mixing bowl, throw in salt (I like coarse kosher salt), and random choices of dry herb and spices (Dill with lemon, mediterranean seasoning, poultry seasoning, black pepper, terragon, basil ... Whatever is fine, really. It's pretty hard to mess this up)
- Cover lamb chop with herb (easiest to do this over paper towel)

Set up
- Get two aluminum trays, with one smaller that will fit into the other one
- In the bigger tray, put 1/2 inch of water
- In the small tray , line with aluminum foil (so you can reuse the tray with minimal cleanup)
- Put small tray in big tray
- In the small tray, put lamb on rack, bone side down
- (Make sure the entire lamb is inside the small tray, to save yourself from cleaning the oven)

- Put lamb chop in 350F, bone side down for 20 min
- Flip lamb chop so bone side is up. Raise to 375F for 30 min