Friday, June 29, 2007

[log] i18n, L10n, g11n, p13n

Pierre pointed me to this little gem of knowledge from wikipedia -- gave me such a good laugh. Numeronym = Pig Latin for l33t geeks. F5g f3y s2t.
Internationalization is often abbreviated as the numeronym i18n (or I18n or I18N) where the number 18 refers to the number of letters omitted (nternationalizatio).

Localization is often abbreviated L10n or l10n in the same manner.

(The most common forms are i18n and L10n, respectively. These forms won out because many fonts do not readily distinguish uppercase "I" and lowercase "l", but lowercase "i" and uppercase "L" are always clear.) These abbreviations also avoid picking one spelling (internationalisation vs. internationalization, etc.) over the other.

Both notions are sometimes collectively termed globalization (g11n), but that word has a more common meaning.

Also seen in some circles, but less commonly, are "p13n" for personalization, "m17n" for multilingualization, and "r3h" for reach, as in the reach of a website across countries and markets.

A related concept is a11y (accessibility), which is concerned with adapting products for people with disabilities or age-related limitations.