Tuesday, June 05, 2007

[web] Local Events App

Local Events is the other way to capitalize on social networking functionality. And truly, a great new way to get people together:

MyPeopleConnection - I think these guys are the original, and a great effort for an all volunteer organization.

Going.com - Only available in Boston, NYC, and SF, but TechCrunch says its got 200,000 (!) members already. A look at number of events today: 247. The site looks like it's got real money and talent behind it to take the local events market. It's got all the right sticky and convenience features.

Evite - Honestly I have always wondered why Evite hasn't created group, friend's list feature. And, there is actually a "Local Events" feature, but it is nearly impossible to find. All along they were the one who were the most poised to take this market. Odd.