Thursday, October 18, 2007

[trip] Prague - Day 1

Sunday Oct 14
- London Heathrow deadly security line at Terminal 3 and then Terminal 1
- London Heathrow killer British Airway lounge
- "Hey Hun, do you have a few singles?" ... "It's self-serve!"
- "Mr Sae-Tan"
- "I think our driver just punched the parking gate"
- 1: Praha Grand Cafe: "All these people wait around the clock to see that?"
- 2: Two Cats:
- "I'll give you 10 crowns for chugging that beer"
- Who knew flipping coasters can be so much fun?
- "Mozart was here"
- Attacking Josh in the hotel lobby and crowding his room
- 3: Rock Cafe: The first mug
- 4: Double Trouble: "Who's going home with the Thai girls?"
- Deadly Becherova

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