Saturday, October 27, 2007

[trip] Prague - Day 6

Friday, October 19
- Pilsner Heaven
- Er Josh why did you pick the small cup?
- Alan, Josh, and I running back for re-fill, while Pierre and Maureen tried to distract the tour guide
- Deiter the "Detour"
- "Please make a U-turn as soon as possible"
- Beer Bath! Finally!
- Maureen discovering the hot water, bubble, and beer switch
- The mandatory beer with the beer bath
- They must be so relieved when we were finally out of there
- Incredible dinner with beer for five for just $62
- Ro Sham Bo for Absinth

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  1. Nice pictures! I hope you enjoyed your trip to Prague! I have been there once with my parents! It is magic city! Prague is a city of many faces. It has its long history, breathing from each building in the historic center.Prague is also a modern tourist center, with a wealthy choice of Prague accommodation, restaurants, cafes and night clubs!
    We visited Chapel of the Holy Cross, Picture Gallery of Prague Castle, Imperial Stables, The Spanish Hall, Rudolf Gallery, St Vitus Cathedral, Old Royal Palace, Mihulka Powder and many other sights! It was incredible trip for my family!