Sunday, December 30, 2007

[recipe] Lettuce Wrap

I always get protein-style at In-n-Out. But even then the heart attack guilt factor is still pretty darn high. Made this up a couple of days ago as a substitute -- Though I think the principle is simply to dice up a bunch of things that end up soft and in small enough bits to wrap in a lettuce leaf and eat.

- Dice a shallot, saute
- Dice a zuchini, saute
- Dice a dozen Shitake mushrooms
- Auntie Ruth made us a bunch of 梅菜扣肉, so I just took the pork belly that's already steamed soft and diced that, and sauted with bunch of Hoisin ()
- Rinse a hanful of lettuce leaves and wrap away. I used butter lettuce this time. Might try romaine or iceberg next time.